Sitka public transportation in action (videos)

In 2014, the nonprofit, Artchange, Inc., coordinated by Sitka filmmaker Ellen Frankenstein, made three videos about using the RIDE public transit and the Care-A-Van paratransit in Sitka. In 2016, Artchange, Inc., made some more videos highlighting the RIDE. In 2018 as part of its 14 Miles series, Artchange, Inc., made a new vide. The 2014 videos are posted below, with the new 2016 videos and 2018 video posted below the older videos.


Why Ride? take 1

Why Ride? take 2


the RIDE — Thanks for the Song

Kids on the RIDE

Cellos on the RIDE

the RIDE — It’s a Community

Dakar to Sitka — the RIDE

the RIDE VIDEO 2018 — 14 Miles series

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