News Updates

Please check our Facebook page for route updates

We don’t like it, but sometimes a bus breaks down or there is a construction project on one of our routes that impacts our schedule. Please watch our Facebook page for route updates. If there is a weather schedule/route change, it will be announced on our local radio stations, or you can call the RIDE at 747-7103.

It’s snowy in Sitka, so is my bus running?

What happens if you wake up to heavy snow and don’t know if the bus is running? For example, on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, we had an early morning snow and the roads weren’t clear so we had to suspend our routes until the city and state could clear them. We are back to normal service now, but we weren’t running earlier in the day. If it’s a bad weather day, listen to our local radio stations to find out if there are changes to the bus routes (the radio stations will get word first if there’s a route change). If you still aren’t sure, call the RIDE’s number at 747-7103 for updates.

Please keep bus loading zones and bus stops clear

In recent weeks there have been several drivers parking in the bus loading zone in the Crescent Harbor parking lot or at marked bus stops downtown. Please don’t do this, especially since the safety of our riders depends on us pulling the buses into these marked spots so riders can safely board or get off the buses.

At Crescent Harbor, the entire row of parking spaces next to Harbor Drive is designated as a bus loading zone from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on week days. Even one car next to the bathrooms can force our buses out into the driving lane. The only time you are allowed to park there is on weekends and holidays.

We also have several people parking in marked bus stops in front of the Sheet’ká Kwáan Naa Kahídi on Katlian Street or the framing shop on Lincoln Street. These spots are for buses only (not charter fishing vans). We need to get our bus completely out of the driving lane to pick up passengers, and it’s unsafe for our drivers to have to unload riders from the middle of the street.

Your help keeping these bus stops clear is greatly appreciated.


Find the RIDE on Google Transit

Did you know you can find the RIDE route information on Google Transit? Click the link below, then enter your current location and your destination in the boxes, and Google Transit will tell you which bus will take you there and when.